Chef's Choice - Three Steps
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Affordable and time-saving, our Chef’s will choose meals for you. You select the lifestyle and quantity of meals per week, we do the rest.

1. Choose Your Lifestyle

Flexetarian Burrito on plate

Flexetarian includes a balance of everything we offer; all proteins, organic produce, root veggies, dairy, & complex carbs. A flexible plan that includes meals from all of our dietary lifestyles.

From $85/Week

Dairy Free Beef and Broccoli on Plate

Lose the dairy without feeling deprived, with fresh vegetables, top-quality meats and seafood, plus, our chef’s favorite dairy alternatives.

From $85/Week

Keto Cheese Pizza on Plate

Keto is animal protein-rich & low-carb, including organic produce & Dairy. It is always free of grains, legumes, & starchy veggies.

From $85/Week

Paleo Salmon on Plate

Paleo includes animal proteins, organic produce, & paleo-friendly roots. It is always free of grains, legumes, & white potatoes. All Paleo dishes are Gluten Free & Dairy Free.

From $85/Week