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Your Choice - SoCal30

SoCal30 is a custom lifestyle plan created by SoCalfresh to achieve insulin stabilization and optimum gut health. SoCal30 is the perfect detox from all forms of sugar and grain.

SoCal30 includes meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, healthy-fats with whole & unprocessed ingredients. It does NOT include grains, rice, legumes, corn, sugar, and anything else that isn't considered a complete food.

You’ve chosen the “Your Choice” plan which allows you to choose your dishes, but we’d like to share a list of common ingredients we use. Our dishes may include a rotating mix of the following ingredients based on what is seasonal.

Pasture-Raised Chicken • Grass-Fed Beef • Wild-Caught Fish• All-Natural Turkey • Eggs • Shrimp • Pork

Asparagus • Avocado • Artichoke Hearts • Brussels Sprouts • Carrots • Spinach • Celery • Broccoli • Zucchini • Cabbage • Peppers • Cauliflower • Parsley • Eggplant • Green Onions• Yam • Sweet Potato • White Potatoes • Beets

Oils & Fats:
Coconut Oil • Olive Oil • Macadamia Oil • Avocado Oil • Grass-Fed Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Dairy-Free / Gluten-Free / Soy-Free / Sugar-Free / Grain-Free


*** Paleo is less strict than SoCal30, but SoCal30 does allow the consumption of white potatoes, while paleo does not allow the consumption of white potatoes.

Note: Dish images shown are samples only, this week’s actual dishes may vary.
*Always check with a healthcare professional when making dietary decisions.
*Sides may change depending on season and availability.



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