2. Select Number of Meals

Chef's Choice - Flexetarian

All protein portions are 6 oz cooked .

Flexetarian includes a balance of everything we offer; all proteins (both animal and vegetarian), dairy, organic produce, root vegetables, & complex carbs.

You’ve chosen the “Chef’s Choice” plan which means our Chefs will put together a balanced mix of dishes for you. Our dishes may include a rotating mix of the following ingredients based on seasonal availability.

Pasture-Raised Chicken • Grass-Fed Beef • Wild-Caught Fish • All-Natural Turkey • Shrimp • Eggs • Vegetarian Protein

Seasonal Vegetables • Roots • Potatoes • Sweet Potatoes. Yams. Squash. Zucchini. Leafy Greens

Gluten-Free Grains & Seeds:
Whole Grains • Brown Rice • Quinoa • Legumes

Note: Dish images shown are samples only, this week’s actual dishes may vary.
*Always check with a healthcare professional when making dietary decisions.
*Sides may change depending on season and availability.



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