Chef's Choice - Keto

Chef's Choice - Keto

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All dishes come with 6 oz of cooked protein.

Keto is rich in animal proteins and organic produce. It is always free of grains, legumes, & starchy root vegetables. This lifestyle is designed for customers that seek to lose weight without having to live in the gym. Enjoy meals made to order by our chefs. Macros set at 5% net carbs, 25% protein and 70% healthy fat. Average 450 calories with less than 10% smart-carbs.

You’ve chosen the “Chef’s Choice” plan which means our Chefs will put together a balanced mix of dishes for you. Our dishes may include a rotating mix of the following ingredients based on seasonal availability. No customization is possible on this plan. Please enroll in "Your Choice" if you have many allergens or dietary restrictions.

Pasture-Raised Chicken • Grass-Fed Beef • Wild-Caught Fish • All-Natural Turkey • Pork

Seasonal Vegetables • Green Beans • Asparagus • Spinach • Kale • Squash • Mushrooms • Broccoli & More

Grains & Seeds:
Free of all forms of grains, seeds, corn, and legumes

Gluten-Free / Sugar-Free

Note: Dish images shown are samples only, this week’s actual dishes may vary.
*Always check with a healthcare professional when making dietary decisions.
*Sides may change depending on season and availability.