Nashville Hot Wings - Viola Lee Aioli

This technique and style is as southern as Dolly Parton, and as old as bluegrass music. Almond crusted, to keep it low-carb. and tossed in a sweet-spicy garlic sauce made with sea salt and natural no-carb sugar. Served with Viola Lee sweet chile aioli. One bite of these and "you'll be Nashville bound."

Chicken, paprika, cayenne, garlic, vegan mayo, monk fruit sugar, cabbage, onion, almond flour, sea salt, cucumber, vinegar, dill

Calories 550 , Fat 21g , Sodium 280mg , Carbs 5g , Fiber 2g , Sugar .5g , Protein 35g

Pre-Workout / Keto / Paleo / Dairy-Free / Gluten Free


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